Connecting to Brochain (BRO) from MetaMask

Connecting to Brochain (BRO) from MetaMask

To add Brochain Network Mainnet to metamask you must have already metamask extension installed on Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. If you don't have already installed it from Google Chrome webstore.

To add the Brochain Network to MetaMask

Step 1: Click on the MetaMask icon from Extension lists

Step 2: Click on the Ethereum Mainnet, List of various networks will appear then click on Add Network

Step 4: Add the following information in the text area as displayed.

Click on Save to Add the Brochain Network Mainnet to MetaMask.

Another way is through

To add Brochain to metamask, first install the metamask extension from Google/Microsoft webstore

Then go to

Search for BROChain Mainnet Network or Chain Id: 108801

Connect to wallet

Follow the steps in metamask to add Brochain Network to the MetaMask

Once you have added Brochain Network to Metamask you can request 10 BRO coin from AirDrop for Free.