Getting more Brochain Coin (BRO) Coin

If you want to get small amount of BRO coin, you may get it from airdrop or participate in various events notified time to time. For more info about various events and updates follow

To continue with the below you also need a Brochain Wallet, please follow this link to create a Brochain Account with MetaMask.

To request large amount of Brochain Coin or BRO you need to send respective network coin/token to the respective address given in the bottom of this page and send the screenshot of the successful transfer by direct message to here at twitter While sending the DM to the official twitter account @brochainorg mention the following

Network Name: Bitcoin or Ethereum or BNB Chain etc

Your Address: Wallet Address from where the transaction is sent

Amount: 10 ETH or 100 DOGE or 0.5 ETH or .005 BTC etc

Amount in USDT/USDC: 1500 USDT at the time of transaction (If not mentioned current exchange value will be used)

Transaction Hash: transaction hash

Date/Time: date with time

Brochain Wallet Address: Wallet address created using this link.

The above information are required just to verify your transaction.

The following addresses can be used to send network specific coin for requesting BRO. Currently supplying at the rate of 1 USDT/USDC = 100000 BRO. The transaction will be made after manual confirmation. So it may take within 2 working days. For queries use direct message in twitter or you can use a tweet mentioning @brochainorg. However direct message is more convenient. You may also join Discord Channel.

Bitcoin BTC Address:


Ethereum  ETH Address:


Bitcoin Cash BCH Address:


Litecoin LTC Address:


Dogecoin DOGE Address:


Binance BNB Address (BEP-2):  no memo required


BNB Smart Chain BNB Address (BEP-20):


Ripple XRP Address:  no tag required


Polygon MATIC Address:


More network coin/token addresses will be updated shortly.