Brochain (BRO) Network that will power various DAPP or DeX

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Brochain (BRO) Network that will power various DAPP or DeX

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Brochain is a Proof of Authority (POA) or clique powered consensus blockchain network that does not consume huge electricity to run the network.

Here is the details of the network

Network name: Brochain Network

Network Id: 108801

Chain Id: 108801


Block Explorer: Brochain Explorer

Total Supply: 1000 trillion

Reserve: 500 trillion

Actual Circulation Supply: 500 trillion

Out of 500 trillion:

50 % for those who wants to hold BRO or exchange or buy BRO with other Crypto Asset.

30 % for general circulation

10 % for promotion

10 % for development and creators

Information about how to get the coin BRO will be updated shortly. Follow this step get 10 BRO free from AirDrop

Have fun!